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Embedded Engineer – Media Software

  • Edmonton, Alberta

Job description

Our team has an immediate 12-month contract opening for a Software Engineer.

  • Develop, integrate, and debug Linux/Android media software(graphics, camera, kernel drivers, framework software, etc.)
  • Develop internal automated testing for user-mode and kernel-mode code to support quality assurance
  • Develop and debug diagnostic tools for internal development teams
  • Evaluate and improve software performance

Job requirements

What you’ll bring to the team:

  • Programming ability in C/C++ or a master of taking advantage of C/C++ to implement the right design patterns
  • Ability to balance tradeoffs between architecture, design and performance
  • Experience with computer architectures, parallel and asynchronous programming, and performance analysis of those systems
  • Strong knowledge of Android/linux system fundamentals is an asset.
  • Experience in driver or HAL development
  • Comfortable with OS internals, such as RTOS, Linux, multithreading, virtual memory, interrupts, DMA, caching and performance tuning, etc.
  • Deep understanding of memory management concepts
  • Experience with one or more large-scale C++ embedded system projects
  • Experience with graphics/camera technology concepts
  • Bachelor or higher degree in a Computer-related field is desired