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Technology Expert - Real-time Simulation

  • Montreal, Quebec

Job description

Our team has an immediate permanent opening for a Technology Expert.


  • In charge of the system planning in digital power real-time simulation field, including but not limited to providing technical insights into real-time simulation development, understanding industry trends, collecting customer and product pain points, conducting competition analysis, identifying key breakpoints, building core competitiveness, and fully communicating and interacting with relevant internal teams
  • Ensure the effective implementation and execution of technical plans
  • Lead the software design of the CPU+FPGA heterogeneous real-time simulation platform, streamline the software tool chain from large-scale system modeling to software loading, and meet the real-time simulation requirements of regional and large-scale power grids
  • Plan the technical roadmap of the N+X generation real-time simulation system, tackle key technologies, and build core competitiveness to ensure technology leadership
  • Construct the real-time digital twin system of the Next-Generation power system to help solve the security and stability problems of power system and make technical decisions

Job requirements

What you’ll bring to the team:

  • You hold a PhD or Master’s degree in the field of Real-Time Simulation or in a similar background in Research & Development
  • Real-time simulation core system (such as bottom-layer driver, analog/digital channels, panel backplane design, power supply design, and heat dissipation design) planning and design capability
  • Professional knowledge in large system modeling, electrical system design, and digital twin
  • Background in power system EMT simulation and have a deep understanding of on-grid simulation requirements
  • Have international technological forward-looking vision, keen insight, analysis, and decision-making capabilities on cutting-edge technology trends, and be able to build differentiated competitiveness in the industry
  • Proven experience with new technology development initiatives and innovation
  • Excellent oral and verbal communication in English