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Senior Software Engineer - Systems and Kernel Development

  • Markham, Ontario

Job description

Our team has an immediate 12-month contract opening for a Senior Software Engineer. 


  • Design and maintain Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) HID source drivers, I2C client drivers, etc.
  • Collaborate closely with software engineers to integrate kernel drivers into broader software systems, contributing to the project's overarching goals
  • Perform detailed code reviews, offer constructive feedback, and participate in problem-solving discussions to maintain high code quality standards
  • Research and adopt advanced technologies to enhance the virtual device driver's performance and capabilities continually
  • Identify, debug, and resolve issues related to virtual device drivers, guaranteeing reliability and stability for users

Job requirements

What you’ll bring to the team:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field
  • Proficiency in C/C++ programming languages and strong coding practices
  • Experience in developing kernel drivers, with an emphasis on HID source drivers or related technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of operating system internals, device driver models, and familiarity with various HID transports like HID over I2C and HID over USB
  • Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills, capable of addressing complex issues efficiently
  • Ability to work both independently and as an integral member of a team, with effective communication skills for collaboration with diverse teams