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Chief Ecosystem Testing Specialist

  • Waterloo, Ontario

Job description

Our team has an immediate permanent opening for a Chief Ecosystem Testing Specialist.


  • In-depth insight and analysis of the technical development trend in mobile application ecosystem testing, able to make the correct direction judgment and technical planning, form ecosystem testing engineering solutions, and land into the company's Harmony OS ecosystem developer enablement, governance and other engineering systems.
  • As a leader in the field, responsible for the research and breakthrough of key algorithms & technologies for eco-testing of cell phones, PCs, XRs, and other forms. This includes quality testing, experience evaluation, security and privacy governance, and more. The critical testing technologies/algorithms under our responsibility are at the forefront of the industry, ensuring the credibility and relevance of this report.
  • Proactively cooperate with various industrial testing teams within the company, external universities, research organizations and industries to exert influence and build a sound ecosystem.

Job requirements

What you'll bring to the team:

  • More than five years of relevant experience in eco-application quality, experience privacy security compliance governance in eco-head enterprises such as Apple, Android, Windows, etc., with a solid technical background related to eco-development and eco-governance
  • Excellent technical vision and industry influence, a better understanding of the current situation and trends in academia and industry, good connection with academic and industrial conferences, forums and other channels, strong independent thinking ability and teamwork spirit.
  • AppStore, Google Play and other TOP application market quality experience, security detection and wind control technology planning and building experience is preferred