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Emerging Technology Intern Researcher (AI/MLSys/Photonics/Semiconductors/DCN/Optical Communications)

  • Markham, Ontario

Job description

Our team has an immediate 12-month contract opening for an Emerging Technology Intern Researcher.


Our team is looking for motivated PhD candidates to join our team as interns in order to conduct research in a number of areas including AI, Compute Hardware, Compute System and Architecture, Photonics, Semiconductors, Optical Communications, and Datacenter Networking.

  • Carry out research on the next-generation emerging technologies, survey the latest trends on a regular basis, and understand the technology evolution road
  • Assist in technical path analysis, evaluation, and providing insight
  • Identify the key technology challenges and study disrupting architectures, technologies, components, and algorithms to address those challenges
  • Design and own a complete next generation solution
  • Work closely with other team members to understand and analyze the interplay between computing systems, AI, and optical communications

Job requirements

What you'll bring to the team

  • Ph.D. student in a related field
  • Strong academic network and awareness of research within academia
  • Published papers in top conferences and journals
  • Good teamwork spirit and communication skills
  • Responsible, proactive, and passionate about solving challenging problems
  • Have creative thinking
  • Familiarity with one or more the domains below:
    • Distributed and parallel learning algorithms ML programming models and abstractions
    • ML compilers and runtimes
    • DCN for AI
    • Specialized hardware for machine learning
    • Hardware-efficient ML methods
    • Efficient ML model training, and inference
    • Photonics
    • Semiconductors
    • Optical communications